Indian Raw CottonIndian Raw Cotton

India has the advantage of growing all species of cotton i.e. from short staple 20mm & below,medium staple (20.5 to 24.5mm), medium long (25.0 to 27.0mm), long (27.5 to 32.0mm) and extra long staple cottons (32.5mm and above). India produce large number of varieties and hybrids, number of varieties in cultivation exceeds seventy-five. However, 98 per cent of the production is contributed by about 25 varieties. 

We are the raw cotton exporters with supply capacity of 20000MT/ year and above as per requirement.

Cotton Specification 

General Specifications
S-6Middling to good middlingStaple Length 28-30mm
UR 48-49
Micronnaire 3.8-4.5
Strength 28-29 GPT
Trash % 2.5
MECHMidlingStaple Length 27-28 mm
UR 47-48
Micronnaire 3.5-4.5
Strength 27-28 GPT
Trash % 3.5
MCU – 5Middling to good middling &Lower to middlingStaple Length 32-33 mm
UR 48-49 mm
Micronnaire 3.8-4.5
Strength 30-31 GPT
Trash % 3.0

PackingCandy (355.60 kilograms approx)
Capacity20000 MT / Year and above as per the requirement

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