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Soyabean is processed by solvent extraction process. These Soyabean meals and oil cakes are widely available, highly palatable, and rich in essential amino acids. Highly digestible for swine and poultry, the amino acids in soybean meal complement other ingredients to create a balanced diet. Because it’s an excellent source of rumen degradable protein, soyabean meal allows microbes to produce maximum levels of high-quality microbial protein. A good source of amino acids, soyabean meal also functions as a widely accepted alternative to fishmeal in aquaculture diets.

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Soyabean Meal Specification 

Acid Insoluble
SBM46% Min12% Max6.5% Max2.5% Max0.3% Max1.5% Max
SBM48% Min11% Max6.5% Max2.5% Max0.3% Max1.5% Max
Hipro49% Min12% Max4.0% Max1.0% Max0.3% Max1.5% Max
Super Hipro SBM50% Min11% Max3.80% Max0.75% Max0.3% Max1.5% Max

Soya bean meal suppliers specification

Packing50 Kg PP Bag / Bulk
Supply Ability36000 Metric Tonnes / Year and above as per the requirement
Capacity22 MT

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